Bread and Basketball

Welcome to my website: Bread and Basketball. In this magical webpage I will put one of my favorite basketball teams against one of my favorite types of bread for a fight to the death, otherwise known as a quick exhibition game. I will compare the two and then at the end will decide who will remain victorious between the two. Will it be Clippers or Sourdough? Golden State or Rye? Lakers or Whole Grain? Stick around to find out!

Los Angeles Clippers

San Francisco Sourdough          

To begin, we will start off with one of the most anticipated matchups in all of history: The Clippers against good ol' fashion San Francisco Sourdough. Now, Sourdough is my favorite type of bread and the clippers is my favorite basketball team, so this is a tough score for me to settle. As of now, the Clippers are at a big advantage. They have all-stars Blake Griffin, Deandre Jordan, and Chris Paul. Along with them, they have the star shooter J.J Redick and clutch playmaker Jamal Crawford. Also acquiring Wesley Johnson, Lance Stephenson, and Paul Pierce earlier this year, the Clippers make for a very formidable opponent. But even though I love this team, the sourdough also has some strong points. It's flavor is amazing and it's texture is sometimes tough; this could cause some trouble for the opposition. Sourdough also has history, the oldest loaf dating from 3700 BCE, so no doubt they have been through a lot. But really, all the sourdough has to do is stand there, because the clippers will just end up choking on it on their own.